Special Contract Conditions Adoption Reserva

  1. The duration of the adoption is 12 months and runs from the date requested by the adopter. If not specified, it is intended from the date of the order or the payment of the agreed sum. The renewal of the adoption can take place with a new purchase.
  2. The adoption fee involves the adoption of 4 vines: 1 of Nebbiolo, 1 of Croatina, 1 of Sangiovese and 1 of Cabernet Sauvignon varieties with the wine Roncotto or 2 of Croatina, 1 of Barbera and 1 of Vespolina with the wine Corno del Diavolo black label. This fee must be paid when purchasing the adoption program through the website: briccodeironcotti.com. The adopter will receive the certificate of adoption of the vines adopted, the winery will affix a plate on the plants with the name of the adopter.
  3. The adopter will receive 6 bottles of 0.75 lt each of Ronc8tto Red Reserva or Corno del Diavolo^2 Buttafuoco black label. The adopter has the right to choose whether to receive the bottles of the vintage currently on sale and withdraw them immediately or of the vintage in which he signed the adoption and then to withdraw them after the minimum aging required for the type of wine. In the second case, the adopter acknowledges and accepts that this is an online sales contract with deferred real effects. Therefore the transfer / delivery of the products purchased by the user can take place as soon as the product itself (wine) comes into existence and is ready to be put on sale.
  4. The adopter can collect the bottles at the company address or receive them at home. This choice must be made when the order is concluded, on the cart page. If the adopter decides to have the bottles delivered to his home, the shipping costs will be in charge to the adopter.
  5. The adopter will be informed by following our Facebook and Instagram accounts on all the cultivation operations carried out in the adopted vineyard and in the cellar.
  6. Upon request and by appointment agreed with the winery, the adopter can visit the vineyard and assist to the work in the vineyard, from pruning to green operations, harvest, vinification and aging.
  7. If the plants adopted are not able to produce grapes (due to exceptional circumstances such as, for example, tree diseases, weather conditions, etc.), the user will still receive from the seller the quantity of wine requested, produced by the same vineyard where the adopted plants are located, although produced without the aid of the adopted plants. In the event that the entire vineyard does not produce grapes, the adopter will receive a voucher from the cellar which will entitle him to receive the bottles the following year or another year if still on the market.
  8. All costs of ordinary and extraordinary management of the row are in charge to the winery. In any case the winery can ask additional management cost to the adopter in addition to the cost incurred for the purchase of the adoption program.
  9. The adoption can be donated to third parties as a gift, by replying to the order confirmation email and providing the beneficiary's data. It cannot be donated or sold later.
  10. The adopter may request to customize the bottles at the time of purchase. The option provides for the affixing of a cardboard (measuring approximately 70x50 mm per side) tied to the neck of the bottles.
  11. For further contractual conditions, see the general conditions.