Buttafuoco wine is considered the best red wine of the Oltrepò Pavese, so much to deserve a proper controlled designation of origin. It is produced only in a very limited area with Croatina (25-65%), Barbera (25-65%), Uva rara and Ughetta di Canneto (0-40%); in such area, characterized by particular landscapes and microclimates, the different vines provide high quality grapes to produce Buttafuoco and our is right in the heart of this area.

From the vintage 2016 Buttafuoco benefits from aging in oak barrels and is named “Corno del Diavolo” (Devil's Horn). It is the most powerful wine of the Bricco dei Roncotti and is produced with Croatina, Barbera and Ughetta di Canneto harvested in lightly over maturation in the sunniest and warmest areas of our vineyards, which gives the wine a very high alcoholic content and a discreet acidity due to dehydration of the grapes on the plant. Together with generous tannins and polyphenols lead to a product of great structure and longevity.

Corno del Diavolo 2 black label is the version aged longer in oak barrels: 2 years.




VINTAGE     2016

TYPE     Red, aged 12 months in barrique (24 months black label)

COLOR     Ruby red

GRAPES     Croatina, Barbera, Ughetta di Canneto

ALCOHOL     15,5% vol

FLAVOR    Fine, hints of red fruits, cherry and plum jams, mineral and spicy nuances

TASTE     Full body, balanced, rightly tannic, great texture and long persistence

MEALS     Salami, first and second tasty dishes, braised beef, game, grilled meat, seasoned cheeses

SERVICE    Open 1 hour in advance and serve at 18-20 °C in large glasses, like gran cru

SIZE     0,75 L

NOTES     Presence of lees is a natural process and it is an indication of a genuine product. Store flat, suitable for aging

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