Dama Perduta – Malvasia

Lively Malvasia is named “Dama Perduta” (lost lady), it is naturally fermented in bottled, unfiltered and not separated from yeasts, so it remains veiled and preserves the peculiarities of the wine.

It is produced with aromatic Malvasia grapes, the Lost Lady, now found, owes its name to the fact that most of the grapes are lost among the rows of red grapes. We spent long time to draw up a detailed map to allow us to find and harvest them at the right time. Such grapes, grown in different pedoclimatic conditions and with a different state of ripening, carry out a wine with particolar taste and flavour and reward the effort.




VINTAGE     2019

TYPE     Lively white

COLOUR     Pale yellow

GRAPES     Candia aromatic Malvasia

ALCOHOL     12% vol

NOSE     Particular, fragrant, with hints of citrus, peach, apricot and tropical fruits

PALATE     Soft, balanced, mineral

FOOD SUGGESTIONS     Aperitifs, fish starter, pizzas, first courses, fish-based preparations, white meats, fruit salads

SERVICE     Shake softly and serve at 10-12 °C in tulip glasses when young, in rhenish glasses if aged

SIZE     0,75 L

NOTES     Presence of lees is a natural process due to fermentation and it is an indication of a genuine product