L’Inaspettato – Ancestral Sparkling red

The ancestral red sparkling wine is back!

The ancestral red sparkling wine, L’Inaspettato (the unespected), is back! 1997-2017: for the 20th harvest we produced “L’Inaspettato”, a red sparkling wine (spumante), mainly with Croatina and Barbera, for the remaining with Vespolina and Uva rara. Family method: short maceration, vinification only of free-draw juice, naturally re-fermented in bottled without addiction of sugar, unfiltered and not separated from yeasts, so it can evolve aging in bottle and preserve vitality and longevity.

Every bottle is unique and dependent from vintage climate; the final result is unespected: the wine could be delicate and gentle or a fury trying to come out entirely from the bottle! It's a red wine, with consistent and persistent color, so avoid spraying around! It is strongly recommended to open with extreme caution, keeping the bottle in a semi orizzontal position and preferably outdoors. Do not open immediately after a transport, better to let it rest for a few hours.




VINTAGE     2019

TYPE     Red sparkling wine, dry

COLOUR     Ruby red

GRAPES     Croatina, Barbera, Vespolina, Uva rara

ALCOHOL     13 + 1,5 % vol

NOSE     Fine, intense, with hints of pastries, blackberry and cherry

PALATE     Dry, balanced, persistent and slightly tannic

FOOD SUGGESTIONS     Desserts, fruits, seasoned cheese

SERVICE     Serve at 14-16 °C in large glasses

SIZE     0,75 L

NOTES     Presence of lees is a natural process due to fermentation and it is an indication of a genuine product

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Other vintages: 2017

Awards: 92 pts