Mistero – Sangiovese Cabernet

Mistero (mystery) comes from the will to create a particular red wine in our region. For this purpose, we have selected sangiovese grosso and cabernet sauvignon. Vines have adapted perfectly and every year they give us grapes of high quality and sugar content.

In the beginning they had to be vinified separately, but the first useful year (the seventh year from the plantation) the production was limited for both sangiovese and cabernet, so we decided to vinificate them together to have a minimum quantity to manage in the aging in wood. However, obtaining an important wine to crown our dream was not a foregone conclusion, hence the name of the wine. But, given the perfect integration of the vines, in particular the ripening period, we have continued to vinify them together also in the following years. The wine is a full-bodied and austere wine, but delicate and elegant at the same time. Mistero is aged in oak barrels.

sangiovese cabernet - mistero



VINTAGE     2017

TYPE     Red, aged 12 months in barrique

COLOUR     Ruby red with purple reflections when young

GRAPES     Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon

ALCOHOL     15,5% vol

NOSE     Pleasant combination of herbaceous, fruity and spicy fragrances

PALATE     Harmonic, complex, tannic when young, good texture and long persistence

FOOD SUGGESTIONS    First and second tasty dishes, salami, grilled meat, braised beef, game

SERVICE    Open 1 hour in advance and serve at 18-20 °C in large glasses, like gran cru

CELLARING     10+ years

NOTES     Presence of lees is a natural process and it is an indication of a genuine product. Store flat, suitable for aging