Nido della Tempesta – Bonarda Croatina

An austere Bonarda, structured, powerful, full-bodied, rightly tannic, lively and elegant. Produced mainly with croatina grapes, unfiltered, naturally fermented in bottle, it is not separated from yeasts and preserves its peculiarities. In 2018 we decided to call it Croatina instead of Bonarda. However, the grapes and the production characteristics are the same, in fact the name has remained the same: "Nido della Tempesta".

Name hides many meanings. It directly refers to an inaccessible place, like the place where the grapes of this wine come from. It is in fact obtained from grapes harvested in the steepest part of the vineyard. When the bottle is opened, an explosion of aromas and bubbles occur, as if a small storm had been closed inside. Finally, metaphorically, the storm represents our family, noisy and indomitable, while the nest is our vineyard, our new home.

Although born outside the province of Pavia, we like to think we have given a special touch to this Bonarda / Croatina. We returned to give importance to the vineyard and to the individual vines as per tradition, but we brought a modern approach focused on maintaining a balanced ecosystem.

Bonarda Croatina



VINTAGE     2019

TYPE     Sparkling red, re-fermented in bottle

COLOUR     Ruby red with purple reflections

GRAPES     Croatina >85%, Barbera, Uva rara

ALCOHOL    14% vol

NOSE     Fine, intense, vinous with hints of plum, blackberry and cherry

PALATE     Dry, balanced, persistent and slightly tannic

FOOD SUGGESTIONS     Salami, first and second tasty dishes, red meat, seasoned cheeses

SERVICE     Serve at 16-18 °C in large glasses

SIZE     0,75 L

NOTES     Not filtered, presence of lees is a natural process due to fermentation and it is an indication of a genuine product