Primatio – Nebbiolo

Primatio is a rare wine produced entirely with Apennines Nebbiolo grapes, in Lombardy. This Nebbiolo was recently recovered in sporadic vineyards in our territory, also known as "Old Piedmont", after several decades of absence. The vine is well suited to our white soils, which have characteristics similar to those of the Langhe, although the climate is slightly drier and warmer.

The vines of Nebbiolo are the first to sprout and develop and the last to be harvest. From the primacy of the length of the growing season also derives the name "Primatio" of our wine. This feature, combined with the particularity of our hill, allows the grapes to ripen slowly and to accumulate substances that give body and structure to the wine and a beautiful ruby red color. Primatio benefits from aging in oak barrels.

Nebbiolo - Primatio



VINTAGE     2017

TYPE     Red, aged 12 months in barrique

COLOUR     Ruby red, tending to garnet with age

GRAPES     Nebbiolo

ALCOHOL     15% vol

NOSE     Fruity and dried flowers, acquire spiced nuances aging

PALATE     Full body, dry, balanced, good texture and long persistence

FOOD SUGGESTIONS     Salami appetizers, first tasty dishes, braised beef, roast and grilled meat, game

SERVICE    Open 1 hour in advance and serve at 18-20 °C in large glasses, like gran cru

CELLARING     10+ years

NOTES     Presence of lees is a natural process and it is an indication of a genuine product. Store flat, suitable for aging