The farm is located in Lombardy, Italy, in the village of Canneto Pavese (PV), hamlet of Vigalone, and was founded in 1997 by William Colombo and his family. All the vineyards of our farm sit on the slopes of a hill, hystorically named Bricco dei Roncotti (the word "bricco" means very steep).

In the 1997 the Roncotti hill reborned. Despite the vineyards layed abandoned, too difficult the cultivation and very few the production, we didn't lost heart and started an incredible job, believing in this amazing hill, known for his wines sold all over the world.

The steep slopes weren't a problem for our family of explorers and climbers. My dad Arnaldo climbed all italian mountains ranging over 4000 meters and many other peak up to 7000 during his exploration trips run in the seventies with my mum Maria Rosa, even accross Sahara desert without any technological help, except a compass. William is a snowboarder, with a passion for halfpipe, he won the Italian cup and partecipate to several world cup races. William is graduated in Environment engineering and could design waste water treatment plants and soil and groundwater remediation activities.

Bricco dei Roncotti hill

So, vine after vine, pole after pole, wire after wire, we recovered the old vineyard, planted in the seventies and located in the middle of our land, keeping the old vines and giving new life to this fantastic hill. During 2004 and 2005 we plant two new vineyars, north and south respect the old one.

We cultivated our vineyard with respect to nature, following an agricultural integrated production, contributing in a significant way to the conservation of biodiversity and increasing the environment sostenability of our product. For example the soil is fertilized only with pruning residuals and grass cutted and pressed grapes coming from our vinification process, in a sort of virtuous circle.

The land slope, the high number of vines per hectare, the small amount of water in the soil, the permanent grass cover, the absence of chemical fertilization, the short and accurate pruning in winter, the green operations in spring and summer lead to manage the vineyard in the best way to have a superior grapes quality and higher sugar content. Our vine production is not much, ranging from 5000 to 7500 kg/ha, according to seasonal variation and vine kind (smaller for reds, higher for whites). Harvesting is strictly manual and performed at the optimal point of maturation and only the best grapes are transformed in wine.
old logo

During the first months of activity, the buildings hadn't electrical power and candles were the only source of light, or, during full moon periods, the moon itself, extremely bright, enlightened our nights, rising up behind the vineyards. For this reason our brand is designed with the moon (and the vineyard in the labels); originally the logo was designed with the moon and a glass, as it is still visible on the wall of the building.

High quality of a wine born in the vineyard and Bricco dei Roncotti for exposure, soil and slope is ideal for a perfect ripening of the grapes. Each season influence the characteristics of the final product and the wine results different every year, according to climate.